Bursting The Bubble: How A Foam Party Can Damage Your Eyes

Foam parties may be the rage in your neighborhood, but this doesn't mean that you have to attend each and every one. These parties have the potential of damaging your eyes. An example is the tragic Florida foam party that left dozens of people injured. Eye damage can come from different angles such as:

Foam into Your Eyes

The greatest risk is that the foam can get into your eyes. Why is this dangerous?

  • The chemicals in the foam may be incorrectly diluted, which means they can be of high concentrations that may damage your eyes.
  • The foam may be comprised of unknown chemicals, which may be dangerous for your eyes. This is possible because some of the foam machines contain proprietary chemicals that have not been analyzed by health labs.
  • If you are using chlorinated water to mix the foam, it may react with the chemicals and irritate your eyes.
  • Cleaning chemicals in the room may react with the foam and damage your eyes.

The extent of the damage depends on how long you are exposed to the foam, how it was mixed, and the types of chemicals used.

Eye Injuries Due to Falling

It's not just the chemicals in the form that you have to be worried about. Remember, there is likely to be a lot of drinking at the party. The combination of alcohol and wet slippery floors can easily lead to accidents. Even if you aren't drunk, other people can bump into you, and you may injure any part of your body including your eyes.

Eye Abrasion Due to Rubbing

Most people instinctively rub their eyes when their cornea comes into contact with foreign substances. Therefore, you may find yourself rubbing your eyes when the foam gets into your eyes and irritate them. Unfortunately, dust particles in the foam (picked up from the floors or walls) may cause abrasion to your eyes.

Prevent some of these injuries by:

  • Wearing protective eye goggles
  • Wear shoes with good traction
  • If you are in charge of the mixing, following the manufacturer's directions to the letter.
  • Not rubbing your eyes if they feel irritated. Instead, flush them with clean running water and see a doctor if the irritation continues.

In the Florida case, revelers experienced redness of their eyes, irritation, light sensitivity, blurriness and other symptoms. Some of the injuries were pretty serious, and the patients were still undergoing medication a month after the party. This underscores the need to seek prompt treatment if your eyes get swollen, irritated or blurry after a foam party. Visit an eye doctor like Modern Eyez if you have any questions.