Beneficial Plants And Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Supplements

For anyone with chronic pain or swelling due to any variety of medical conditions, finding relief without having to take a pill can seem unlikely. Given the price of some prescription medications though, herbal supplements and natural pain relieving substances are a welcome alternative for many patients. When considering natural supplements and medicinal herbs for any course of treatment, make sure you know what you're taking , how it may affect you, and always consult with your physician first.

Treating Inflammation

Identified by swelling, tenderness and irritation at the site of the pain, inflammation is often a symptom of another underlying problem. However, for many chronic pain sufferers, treating the symptom is all that can be done. For this purpose, there are a number of herbal supplements available that can sometimes accomplish more than prescription medication.

Some of the most effective herbal supplements available for treating inflammation include tumeric, ginger, green tea and rosemary. These function much like over the counter NSAID pain relievers, blocking the enzymes in your body that are known to trigger both pain and swelling. In some cases, doctors have reported patients completely replacing their prescription NSAIDs with the herbal alternative.

Use With Caution

Since they function much like prescription medication when taken in sufficient quantity, these herbal supplements carry some of the same risks for side-effects. Upset stomach and a risk of bleeding are present, but these tend to be less severe than with prescription pain relievers. This is because, like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium, these herbal supplements tend to thin the blood while they are active in the body.

In addition to side-effects possible from the supplements themselves, they may also interact with other medications you're already on. When consulting with a physician, make sure that they have experience with the supplements you're considering. Also, ask them to give you advice on proper dosages so that you can maximize your benefit without putting yourself at risk. Certain of these supplements may also take a while to build up in your body before they reach their full effectiveness, so make certain that you have clear expectations laid out in advance.

There are a number of different reasons to choose natural anti inflammatory and pain relief supplements over pharmaceutical medications. Lower risk, greater benefits for some patients and reduced cost are just a few. With a greater understanding, and the right medical advice, you could find yourself pain free and off one or more of your prescriptions.