3 Members Of The Medical Team That Are Standing By If Your Baby Has Any Complications At Birth

When your baby is born there is a huge medical team that is standing by to offer their services if needs be. These medical professionals specialize in different kinds of pediatric care and can perform the procedures or tasks required to save your baby's life if they are born with a critical problem. This article will discuss 3 members of the medical team that are standing by if your baby has any complications at birth.

Labor and Delivery Nurse

The labor and delivery nurses are normal members of any woman's delivery team, and they are well equipped to take care of your baby as soon as he or she is born. Once your baby has been delivered, your OB/GYN will hand your baby off to the nurses for care. These nurses will make sure that your baby is breathing well, and if not will quickly clear their mouth and nose to make sure there are no blockages. They will also administer oxygen right away if needs be, and will send for whatever help your baby may need. Their speed and knowledge can save a baby's life in a critical situation. 

Pediatric Cardiologist

Babies can be born with a variety of children cardiology problems, such as a hole in their heart, problems with the walls and/or arteries of the heart, and anything that disrupts the flow of blood to and from the heart. If your baby is born with any of these issues, they will likely need to go into surgery soon after birth to fix these issues.

A pediatric cardiologist will perform this procedure with the help of a heart surgeon. If you know about the heart problem before the baby is born, then they will be ready to perform surgery right away. However, if the problem is not diagnosed before birth, they will be in the hospital on call when the issue is discovered. 

Pediatric Surgeon

Another important member of your baby's medical team is the pediatric surgeon. A pediatric surgeon will be able to perform procedures to help with a variety of birth defects. These include things such as: gastroschisis, a condition where the baby is born with their intestines outside of their body, and pectus excavatum, a  condition where the sternum and ribs have not formed to created the front of the chest cavity or any other disorders that deal with the deformity of the chest or abdomen. In rare cases, a pediatric surgeon will perform surgery on conjoined twins to separate them as well.