How To Choose A Memorial Grave Marker

Choosing a memorial grave marker for yourself or a loved one is an important decision that should be carefully considered. Grave markers come in all shapes and sizes, are constructed from timeless materials, and are now becoming greener to meet the needs of a changing environment. So when it comes to making this meaningful decision, there are a few things to know before you choose a memorial grave marker.

Materials Matter

You should first decide on the type of grave marker that you want to represent you or a loved one in life. Grave markers can be either simple or ornate, but ultimately, the material that you choose is a starting point for selecting a design.

Today, grave markers come in a few material options that will provide you with a beautiful and enduring result:

  • Green: Green materials, like native trees, flowers, stones, shrubs, or wood, offer simple and responsible memorial markings. Though these inclusions will not provide you the opportunity to place a name or date on the material, you can include a small placard or painted sign near the marker to denote the final resting place.
  • Granite and Marble: Granite and marble options are time-tested and give you nearly unlimited options for etching, carving, or creating a design. These grave markers are more expensive than other choices, but will withstand all weathering conditions beautifully over time.
  • Bronze: Bronze memorial grave markers are often placed on another material, like granite, concrete, brick, or stone. Bronze markers need to be designed and cast professionally, but will also give you an outstanding marker in terms of presentation and permanence.

Choosing Enduring Designs

If you choose to go green, choosing a design is limited, as you're depending on the natural beauty of the marker to provide the design. But there are a few classic choices for designs that you can make in either granite, marble, or bronze:

  • Bench: Benches are beautiful, simple, and give loved ones a place to reflect when they come and visit.
  • Marker: Markers offer options for etching, carving, and placard placement, so you can represent the grave with either names and dates, or choose to add an inspirational prayer or saying.
  • Statue: Statues offer artistic detail and presentation, and can allow you to mark the resting place with angels, Jesus, Mary, or any other blessed spiritual figure that is inspiring.
  • Sign: Signs are similar to markers, giving unlimited options for etching, carving, placard inclusion, and word inclusion. Signs however, stand upright, and offer additional shape and design options that give a more noticeable appearance.
  • Columbaria: A columbaria can either be used as a vault, or it can serve as a grand memorial. Columbarias have a large selection of designs, and can include a statue on top of the column.

When selecting a grave marker, you should have a budget in mind. Working with a budget is a necessary part of selecting a grave marker, and it can help you to find a larger or smaller option for your particular materials and design selections. With the right planning and consideration, you can select a grave marker, from a company like An Thiel Monuments, that will offer an enduring and beautiful representation for anyone who has touched your life.