4 Different Ways To Prevent Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem, especially for those who have a spinal issue as well. This is because neck pain is typically associated with spinal injuries. Since neck pain can be a common problem that is difficult to deal with, you want to be sure that you know of different ways to prevent it. Here are four of those ways to prevent neck pain from happening to you:

  1. Sleep on Your Back: Sleeping on your back has a number of benefits, including being able to prevent neck pain. Sleeping on your back allows your spine to completely relax and does not force it to strain like it would in other positions. However, some people cannot comfortably sleep on their back. If this is the case for yourself and you must sleep on your stomach, then you have to be sure that your pillow is pretty flat. Side sleepers should use a firm pillow. This will ensure that your neck isn't out of alignment with the rest of the spine. 
  2. Put Computer Screen at Eye Level: When you are sitting on your office chair, be mindful of where your natural gaze is at. It should be in the middle of your computer screen. If it is not, you must reposition it; otherwise, this is going to put a great deal of strain on your neck. It is also important that you do not allow your head to stick far away from your shoulders. This, again, puts strain on your neck and can cause major neck pain. If you need to, get up and move around when you notice posture issues so that when you return to your desk, you can readjust yourself easily. 
  3. Exercise the Neck Muscles: This is something that many people don't do often enough. The neck muscles must be exercised every once in a while, especially if you work in behind a computer screen most of the day. The best exercise is called the tuck exercise, which gets you in the habit of knowing when your head is in proper alignment with your back. 
  4. Drink Water: Drinking water is good for you all around, even for your neck. The discs that sit between the spine are made of mostly water and if you aren't staying hydrated, your spine becomes weaker, thus making you experience pain. 

By knowing these different ways to prevent neck pain, you can be sure that you are alert about your posture and ways to keep your spine as healthy as possible.