Important Reasons to Have Regular Eye Exams

Are you a health-conscious individual? Do you take care of yourself and your family, making sure that everyone gets regular checkups every year? Has it been a while since anyone in your family got an eye exam? Many people neglect to have regular eye exams because they don't notice anything obviously wrong with their vision. But here are some important reasons that you and your family should have an exam done regularly:

Early detection: If you have your eyes checked regularly, there's a greater chance that you'll be able to catch a problem while it's still treatable. There is currently no cure for macular degeneration, but there are treatment options that can slow its progress and prevent vision loss. If glaucoma is caught early enough, there are treatment options that can completely prevent the loss of vision. With these and other eye diseases, vision that is lost can never be recovered. As a result, early detection is an extremely important part of preserving your vision.

Detection of non-eye health issues: A well-trained optician can detect signs of various health issues that may manifest in your eyes. For example, if you start to develop high cholesterol levels in between annual checkups, your optician may be able to notice a discoloration, called an arcus, developing in your eyes. While this arcus is not proof that you actually have high cholesterol, it can be a good sign that you should have a cholesterol test performed by your regular doctor.

Learning problems: If your children are having a hard time concentrating in school, it could be because they have vision problems. Because they don't know that things are supposed to be any different, they may not say anything about being unable to read the chalkboard. They may assume that everyone sees the same thing. If your child can't see the board or their textbook, they might find school to be boring and uninteresting. They could even act on this boredom by being noisy and disruptive in class. Taking them in for regular eye exams will allow you to know whether they simply need glasses or whether more serious measures are called for.

Getting regular eye exams is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you and your family eat right and exercise regularly, but none of you has had your eyes checked recently, then you should consider making an appointment with a local optician, such as Mid-America Vision Center