You Are Not Alone - Senior Home Care Always Has Someone At Least A Telephone Call Away

Aging can be a difficult and scary time. Not only are you are no longer able to do some of the things that you did when you were younger, but health challenges can often present hurdles in you maintaining your independence and safety. Unfortunately, if you are like many seniors, you may be facing these dilemmas either alone, or with children who live quite a distance away. The good news is, there are a couple of senior home care services which will help to fill in some of the gaps, as well as allow you to remain independent as long as possible.

Telephone Reassurance

Would you feel safer just knowing that if someone were unable to reach you by telephone, they would institute a set of pre-arranged safety precautions? Would it help if you had someone to call you each day to remind you to take your medications?

You can have this with telephone reassurance. These programs, which are available in many cities, will call you each day at a time you have agreed upon to make sure you are ok. If you do not answer, they will proceed to follow a safety plan you have helped them put into place.

Your safety plan may include:

  • A call to a neighbor, landlord, or friend who may have a key to your home
  • A call to your local police department to request a safety check, and more

While there are programs you can enroll in for a fee, many cities also offer volunteer programs. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, contact your local senior resource center and inquire about enrolling.

In-Home Companions Or Caregivers

If you need a little more than a telephone call to assist you in maintaining your independence, consider contracting for an in-home companion or caregiver (available from agencies like In Your Home Care). These aides can be utilized to provide a wide range of services to assist you in your home, as well as to provide you assistance in getting out into the community. In-home aides will:

  • Assist with household chores
  • Provide transportation into the community
  • Run errands
  • Provide companionship, and much more

Some agencies provide more services than others. If you choose to use a in-home agency, be specific about what you will be needing or expecting your aide to do. Beware, there are some people who prey upon the elderly under the guise of providing in-home care. To help keep this from happening, always use a licensed and bonded agency. Not only will they screen their applicants, they may also be able to send you someone else if your person is sick, on vacation, or leaves the agency.

Your safety and security should always be a number one priority in maintaining your independence. Avail yourself to the services that are available to help to make this happen.