Possible Problems With Contact Lenses

If you are new to wearing contact lenses then there are some things you should understand. While contact lenses do require minimal care, there are some things you should know about them. By paying attention to the advice provided in this article, you will know how to care properly for your contacts and have a better experience wearing them.

Contact lenses can easily flip inside out

Since contacts are so thin, they can flip inside out while you are cleaning them. If you put them in this way, it can cause discomfort to your eye and affect the way you see. It can be hard to tell whether this feeling is due to something being wrong with the contact or due to it being inside out.

If your contact feels weird, remove it from your eye and put it on the tip of your finger. If it is shaped like a bowl, then it is correct. If the edges of the contact are slightly flared out, then it's inside out. Flip it the correct way, add more wetting solution and reinsert it into your eye.

Contact lenses can stick to the side of the case

If you open the case to find the contact is stuck to the side, you don't want to pull on it. This can cause it to easily rip and the contact will be unusable. Instead, add a bit more solution to the case if the solution is low. Then, put the lid back on it tightly and gently shake the case. This should re-moisten the contact and cause it to come free from the side of the case so you can now handle it.

Contact lenses can seem to get lost in your eye

A contact lens can appear to get lost in your eye. However, it won't really be lost, but lodged behind your eyelid. In most cases you will feel as if something is stuck, but not always. If you feel your contact has slipped behind your eyelid, lean over a clean counter and rub your eyelids-- it may pop out. If this doesn't work, pull your eyelid away from your eye and pour solution in your eye to flush it out. The good news is the contact can't really get stuck and it will work its way out.

Now that you are more aware of some of the problems that can happen with contact lenses, you will be better prepared. Contacts give you a great alternative to glasses and although these problems can occur, they are still worth wearing.