4 Unexpected Ways to Get Your Daily Green Tea Fix

Many people know that green tea is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of antioxidants and bioactive compounds, and it provides lots of other health benefits, too. What many don't know, however, is that you can get the flavor and sometimes the health benefits of this wonder beverage all day long in many different forms. Here are four ways to sneak more green tea goodness into your diet every day. 

Green Tea Chocolate

Green tea chocolate is simply white chocolate but with some food coloring and green tea flavoring mixed in, which makes it an awesome, creamy way to get some green tea flavor in your dessert. While most green tea flavored chocolate snacks might not get you the health benefits of the real deal, it's a must for green tea drinkers who can't get enough of the fresh taste of the omnipresent drink. 

Green Tea Mochi

Mochi is similar to a fondant-covered ball of ice cream, and these little Asian bonbons make an awesome snack after work or after a workout. Originating in Japan, mochi madness has been spreading across the globe in the past few years as new markets get a taste of this unique dessert, and green tea flavor is arguably the most popular and delicious option. 

Green Tea Gelato

For those that are a little less adventurous than the mochi crowd, green tea gelato and ice cream offer more conservative ways to get your green tea fix in an ice cold, creamy snack. Green tea gelato is bound to offer you some more toppings options than traditional ice cream flavors, including coconut, peanut butter, and a host of other Asian-inspired flavor combinations. 

Green Tea Powder

There are tons of different green tea powders available from health food grocers and specialty shops that can help you get a splash of green tea in just about any dish or snack throughout your day. Unlike the above options, most green tea powders will not only give you a concentrated blast of green tea flavor, but also carry along with them the health benefits inherent in the original drink. This makes green tea powder an optimal flavor and health choice for adding to smoothies, cookies, or just about anything else you can think of. A super healthy dinner option that includes green tea powder is green tea-crusted fish, which can be made very easily by mixing in some green tea powder with the breading for a unique flavor and all the health benefits of green tea. Search for the best green tea powder available online.