5 Ways To Ease Your Children's Fears About Orthodontia

Each year, thousands of children go to orthodontists for braces. Unfortunately, all too many children are reluctant to go to the orthodontist out of fear. Even when children do have braces, they often fear going in for maintenance that is typically required every few weeks. Here are a few tips to convince your child to forego the fear and sit in the orthodontist's chair without issue:

1. Relieve fears about pain with knowledge.

No parent wants to see their child in pain, but the process of receiving orthodontic equipment is not actually as painful as it is made out to be. Educating your child about the process involved with getting braces is a smart idea. There is no severe pain involved in the process. The teeth are not moved or twisted. Patients should expect just to feel a bit of pressure. Watch videos of the process together to ease the fear of the unknown so common among children.

2. Tell the orthodontist about the fears.

If your child will sit in the chair but fears the work once it begins, ask the orthodontist to explain each tool as he or she goes to use it. Your child may even have the opportunity to touch some of the tools, getting acquainted with how they work. This makes the process seem much more tolerable.

3. Take the time to find a good orthodontist.

Some orthodontists have a better reputation for working well with children than others. Read reviews online and speak to friends who have similar experiences. You may find that the bedside manner makes a huge difference in the way your child reacts to the orthodontic procedure.

4. Talk about the sense of embarrassment common in adolescents.

Many children fear having braces because it will set the apart from their peers. If you can find a reasonably affordable option like Invisalign, you can sidestep this issue entirely. You may find that the most affordable orthodontics are metal braces, in which case you can point out other children your son or daughter knows who also has braces.

5. Discuss the length of the required treatment.

Children and adolescents feel that a year goes on forever, and it may seem to do just that. It helps to remind your child that time is relative. One or two years of braces is nothing compared to a lifetime of a beautiful smile.

Your child deserves a happy, healthy smile. Easing fears early on means that your child has more access to dental care that will lead to healthy habits to last a lifetime. Contact a company like Reed Orthodontics for more details.