New Medical Focus – How Age Management Medicine Is Helping People Live Longer

Most people want to live a long and healthy life. Living longer is the focus of a new medical field known as age management medical services. Ant-aging medicine specializes in optimizing your body's biochemical and hormonal balance. It focuses on slowing the aging process through monitored and careful hormonal optimization.

There are different levels to this care, which takes in account your lifestyle. Read on to find out how ant-aging medicine can help you live longer.

Fights Low Energy

Exhaustion is a common complaint for older adults. It helps to find out the reason for being fatigued. You could have an underlying psychiatric illness or medical condition.

Decline In Hormones

As you age, your hormones start to decline. The average woman experiences changes in her hormones starting in the 40's. Men start to experience a decline in testosterone after age 30.

With the drop in your hormones, you will experience a whirlwind of changes. These changes may include low energy, an increase in body fat, a decline in endurance or just feeling old. When left untreated, your symptoms will become more noticeable and severe as time goes on.

Anti-aging hormones can help you with this problem. Testosterone replacement therapy can boost your T levels and return them back to normal. This treatment will have you feeling normal in no time.

Maintain Healthy Bone Density

It is common to lose bone density as you age. Women usually experience the loss after menopause. Your bones lose calcium and other minerals. Anti-aging medicine counters this with vitamin therapy. IV vitamin therapy is one of the services offered with this treatment. It infuses your body with a high dosage of minerals and vitamins. Your body can immediately use all of the nutrients.

When you take supplements by mouth, your body has to break them down. You are also not going to get the entire dosage when taken by mouth. Vitamin D improves your bone density. It also helps your body to absorb calcium so your body builds stronger bones.

This field is not considered a specialty by the American Medical Association. There is no way to stop aging. However, you can manage your vitality, health and the way you feel about aging. An advantage of anti-aging medicine is the treatment is tailor to your needs. If you are ready to improve your quality of life, then you need to schedule an appointment with a medical doctor.