Can't Lose Weight No Matter How Hard You Try? A Non-Surgical And Surgical Option That Can Help

If you have tried everything to lose weight by dieting and exercising and nothing is working, this can get very frustrating. Fortunately, there are options available that will work well along with diet and exercise. Below is one non-surgical option and one surgical option you should consider.

Weight Loss Balloon

A weight loss balloon, also known as a gastric balloon, is inserted into your stomach to reduce the amount of space so you will not be able to eat as much and you will feel fuller faster. It works much like the lap band or stomach stapled surgery but is a non-surgical treatment.

The doctor will place the balloon into your stomach using an endoscope. Once inserted, the balloon is inflated with a sterile saline until it is a certain size. The procedure may take less than an hour and you can likely go home the same day.

While the balloon is inserted, you will be coached on making behavioral changes in your life to help you keep your weight off in the future. The balloon is removed in about six months.  According to a clinical study, people that used the balloon lost approximately 21.8 pounds during the six months they had it inserted, and maintained a weight loss of 19 pounds three months after the balloon was removed.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

In the gastric bypass surgery, the doctor will divide your stomach into two separate parts. The doctor seals off the upper section of your stomach from the lower section. They will then connect your upper stomach to the lower section of your small intestine.

This is called a bypass surgery because the food you eat bypasses part of your stomach that is sealed off and the food goes straight to the small intestine. Your stomach will be smaller so you will fill up faster when you eat.

After the surgery, you will be put on a liquid diet for a few days and then moved to a soft diet for the next few days. After this time, you will return to a normal diet.

Many people lose weight very quickly after this surgery. How fast you will depends on many things, such as your previous weight, age, and gender.

Talk with your doctor about these two weight loss options. They can also talk to you about many other surgical options you may be interested in. This can help you make a decision on what would be best for you.