Keeping Kids Happy At The Dentist: 3 Creative Solutions Using Medical Equipment

Keeping kids happy at a dental appointment can be a trial; they may fear the pain that comes with a filling, be scared of the "monsters" wearing masks and using tools on them or they simply may not like to be away from their families. Here are a few tips for encouraging children to enjoy their dental visits when they come to your office.

Make Waiting Fun

Anticipation is something that can make fears grow into panic. By taking a child's mind off the upcoming appointment during the time in the waiting room, you're encouraging a more relaxed approach to care. Add video games, toys, or books to the waiting room. Children will play and interact, loving the time they get to spend there. When it's time for the appointment, they're less likely to feel frantic or scared, making your job as a dentist easier. Some medical equipment that can help includes enclosed building block tables, developmental games and medical tablets with educational programming. 

Use Technology during the Procedure

When a child is having a long procedure, like a filling, performed on them, it can be tedious, painful, and exhausting. To keep a child calm and still, consider using technology, like televisions or tablets, to play a child's favorite TV show or to play music he likes. Encouraging the passage of time by keeping the child occupied helps you get your work done while they feel less constrained. Some dental chairs now come with the ability to add an auxiliary input for pop-out TVs and other devices. 

Discuss the Procedure

With slightly older children, their fears shouldn't be ignored. Are they scared of needles, worried about fluoride treatments, or disliking flossing when the nurse does it? Talk to the child, and discuss what's going to happen before you start. Many will be less scared if they know what tools are for. For example, the pipette that fillings come in looks like a needle. Children who are scared of needles may try to get up or be frightened. Explaining that it isn't a needle and won't injure them is not only a good way to keep them still, but also a good way to explain what you're doing, the tools you use, and how they affect the child's dental profile. Show them the medical instruments you'll be using ahead of time, the ones you get from suppliers like Medi-Rents & Sales Inc, if there is time to do so.

These are just a few ways you can encourage a happier environment for children at your dental practice. With the right technique, you can make your practice a place where children love to come and have their teeth taken care of.