Orthotics For These Types Of Footwear Can Reduce Your Foot And Ankle Pain

Taking care of your feet and ankles, regardless of what you do for work or recreation, should be a top priority. When you're standing or moving for long periods of time with sore feet or ankles, every minute can be excruciating. While the exact reasons for your foot or ankle pain can be diagnosed by a podiatrist, you can often experience a decrease in this type of discomfort by having custom orthotics made to wear inside your footwear. When it comes to orthotics, many people think of wearing these inserts in their athletic shoes when they walk or jog. However, there are many other types of footwear that might not adequately support your feet and ankles without orthotics. Here are some other types of footwear in which you should place your orthotics.

Work Boots

Work boots can cause considerable foot pain because many of these boots do not provide adequate arch support. Additionally, because work boots often have steel shanks, each step you take can push your foot into a very hard surface. If you're wearing work boots, you're likely standing or moving around for long periods of time — perhaps as much as eight or more hours during a typical shift at work. Wearing your orthotics in your work boots can dramatically change how your feet feel at the end of a shift.


In addition to often providing minimal arch support, sandals can be problematic because they do not support your ankles. This can lead to an issue called ankle pronation, in which your ankle slopes inward and you experience considerable discomfort. Orthotics can be effective for treating this condition; they're designed to lift or otherwise support the inside of each of your feet. Many podiatrists can have orthotics made to comfortably fit your sandals, giving you support even when you wish to wear this type of footwear in the hot weather.


Wearing slippers inside your home is often better than going barefoot, but slippers do not often provide adequate support. They generally have little to no arch support and do not provide support for your ankles. The right pair of custom orthotics can greatly improve your comfort while you wear slippers and decrease your discomfort. The arches in the orthotics will prevent you from straining that part of your foot, while your orthotics can also help if you suffer from ankle pronation. Your podiatrist can also suggest certain types of slippers that are better than others.

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