You Lousy Lice! 3 Steps To Keep Lice From Ruining Winter Break

Winter is here! If you've got school-aged kids, that means it's time for winter break. It also means that your kids will want to spend more time with their friends, which probably means a sleepover, or two. Unfortunately, lice don't take winter break. They'll be spending all winter-long, looking for new heads to infest. You need to be constantly one step ahead of the little buggers. Here are three steps you can take to keep lice out of your kid's hair – and yours.

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

When it comes to lice prevention, your strongest weapon is the daily inspection. You've got to be diligent about checking your kid's hair every single day. While you're brushing their hair, take the time to watch for nits and bugs. The nits will be stuck to the individual strands of hair. The bugs will be either clinging to hair, or crawling about on your child's scalp. If you see nits, use the nail on your index finger, and the back of your thumb to scrape them off your child's hair. If you see live bugs, use your lice comb to get rid of them. Remember, for every one nit – or bug – you find in your child's hair, there are probably dozens more that you haven't found yet.

Bring on the Oils

Whether you've been battling a never-ending war to get rid of the last infestation, or you want to make sure your child never gets them, you've got to bring on the oils – coconut, olive, or tea tree oils. Lice hate the smell of these oils. Simply place a few drops of either of the oils in your shampoo and wash your hair as usual. For a raging infestation, coat your child's hair with coconut or olive oil and place a shower cap on their head. Leave the shower cap in place for about an hour. Carefully comb through your child's hair to remove the nits and lice, and then wash with warm water and shampoo. The oil smothers the lice, and loosens the nits so you can get rid of them.

Enforce the No Sharing Rule

Kid's love to share everything – including brushes, combs, and hats. Unfortunately, that's where lice like to hide. If your kids are going to be spending a lot of time with their friends over the holidays, make sure you enforce the no sharing rule. If you do notice your kids sharing combs, brushes, or hats, sterilize the hair products, and wash the hats in hot water.

Lice are no laughing matter. Don't let your kids winter break turn into a nightmare lice infestation. The tips provided here will help you protect your kids against lice invasions. If your child does get lice at you at-home remedies don't work, don't hesitate to take them in for head lice treatment.