3 Ways To Fight Back Against Winter Allergies

If you suffer from Winter allergies, here are a few things that you can do to help fight back against all of the side effects that having Winter allergies can bring on. The best defense is to not allow pollen allergies in your home.

#1 Make Your Bedroom A Safe Place

The first thing you should do is make sure that you turn your bedroom into a safe place. Your bedroom is where you sleep; you don't want this to be an area where your allergies are triggered. Ideally, this should be the safest place for you to go and relax in your home.

If you have pets, do not allow them into your room. Your pets can bring with them a host of elements that can trigger your allergies, no matter how nice and clean you keep your pets.

On your bed, put an allergenic barrier over your mattress to help keep you away from dust mites. Wash your bedding at least once or twice a week to limit your exposure to allergens and dust mites.

Keep rugs out of your room; they can help accumulate allergens. Be sure to vacuum your room at least twice a week to fight back against any dust or pollen that makes it way into your room. Finally, keep plants out of your room; you don't need to put a direct pollen source inside of your room.

#2 Clean Your Christmas Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, it is important that you clean your Christmas tree. Before you even bring your Christmas tree into your home, spray it down from top to bottom with a hose, then allow it to sit outside or in your garage and dry out a little bit. This will help remove dust and allergens from your Christmas tree before you bring it into your house. When it is inside of your house and dry, you can also vacuum up around your Christmas tree before putting the ornaments and lights on it.

If you store your Christmas decorations, clean them up and remove all dust in your garage or utility room before you bring them out into your house. Lots of dust and pollen can accumulate on your Christmas decorations throughout the year, even if you store them inside of a sealed container.

#3 Increase The Humidity In Your Home

In many regions of the country, the humidity levels drop during the winter time. Inside of your house, this is even more true, where the use of artificial heat can cause the humidity to drop even further. Low humidity environments can create dryness which can irritate your body and worsen your allergies. It can also present conditions in which virus are able to thrive, thus complications your allergies with a virus.

The best way to fight back against low humidity levels are by increasing the humidity levels in your home. Use a humidifier to increase the humidity in your home; this will make the winter easier on your body and will help prevent the growth of viruses, mold as well as mites.