Could Caffeeine Be Hurting Your Health?

If you trudge from the bed to your coffee maker each morning, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world focus on the same routine before work. In fact, many people even skip breakfast in favor of sipping on a cup of joe.

Unfortunately, excessive coffee, tea, and soda consumption can take a toll on your health, and one of the main problems is caffeine. Caffeine acts as a stimulant, influencing the way your body's nervous system works. While caffeine may technically be a legal drug, this does not mean you can consume shot after shot of espresso without experiencing a few problems. Here are a few issues you should be on the lookout for:

1. Caffeine is a diuretic.

Diuretics eliminate water from the body, depleting many important nutrients in the process. It is important that you consume enough water to keep your body well hydrated throughout the day. Otherwise, you are likely to feel a bit of a dip in the afternoon.

2. Caffeine can make you irritable and moody.

Ever notice your mood take a dip when you haven't had your morning coffee? When you do not get the amount of caffeine that your body is used to, this can put you in a terrible mood. If you find yourself getting cranky, you may perk up after a bit of caffeine.

3. Caffeine can keep you awake at night.

Insomnia is yet another common concern for those who drink several cups of coffee a day, especially in the afternoon. Caffeine is meant to keep you awake and alert, so drinking it in the afternoon can actually have an impact on your sleep schedule. If you find yourself struggling to shut your eyes at night, you may want to cut down on the soda or coffee.

4. Caffeine can cause digestive issues.

Caffeine is a rare breed in that it can lead to both diarrhea and constipation, depending on what else is happening in your body. If you happen to be dehydrated when you get your caffeine fix, constipation is much more likely than diarrhea. Of course, there are many who use their morning coffee in an effort to "stay regular."

5. Caffeine may cause heartburn.

Heartburn is a common side effect in those who drink a lot of coffee. Coffee is incredibly acidic, and it can cause you to feel a bit sick as a result. Fortunately, people sometimes do not experience this effect until they have over-consumed their regular intake.

6. Lack of caffeine often causes headaches.

If you fail to consume your regular intake of caffeine one day, you are likely to experience a terrible and persistent headache. Even a Tylenol may not solve the problem. The remedy? Caffeine. These headaches are one of the most common complaints made by those trying to give up caffeine for good. The good news? They tend to disappear altogether after a few days without caffeine.

7. Caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant.

If you notice that you are no longer hungry in the mornings, it could be the coffee or tea you just had. If you want to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet, it is important that you pay close attention to how much caffeine you take in.

Of course, there are other side effects associated with consuming caffeine, but these are among the most common. Having one or two cups of coffee each day is certainly not going to shave years of your life. In fact, a bit of coffee in the morning could even offer health benefits. Moderation is the key here. It is important to talk to your doctor about caffeine usage if you think it is a problem in your life.

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