Signs Your Child Is Autistic And How You Can Help Them

If your child is autistic, there are many symptoms they may display. It can be helpful to know these symptoms so you will know what to look out for with your child. Below is some information about  what autism is, some signs to watch out for, as well as using vitamins to help your child:

What Autism Is

A person that is autistic does not generally interact with other people or communicate at all or very little, depending on the severity of this disease. Every person is different in the symptoms they display. The cause of autism is not known but some doctors believe genetics play a role, while others believe both genetics and the environment contribute to autism.

No matter the cause if you notice your child does not interact well with other people and will not communicate well with you then you need to take them to the doctor to be evaluated for autism.

Autism Symptoms

The main symptoms of autism are no communication or interaction with other people. Your child may display other symptoms as well. Some of these symptoms include:

Does Not Show Empathy

A common symptom in children that have autism is they do not show empathy or show very little empathy towards other people or animals. For example, if your child sees another child get hurt they will not feel anything, such as feel bad or sorry for them. Your child may see a child getting bullied and not appear to care. In their mind, they are completely normal and there is nothing wrong with feeling that way.

Constant Emotional Outbursts

Your child will likely have emotional outburst off and on throughout the week. They will have these outburst to common situations that would not normally cause someone to get mad. For example, if your child is trying to do something, such as putting together a puzzle, and cannot find the right pieces they may become enraged. It could be something as simple as running out of their favorite food and they become so very mad at you.

Use Vitamins to Help

Besides medication from the doctor and therapy your child will likely take, you can help your child in other ways. One thing you can do is to give your child vitamins. They may be lacking in certain nutrients as they may not eat well.

One vitamin your child may be lacking in is vitamin D, and it is believed if someone has low vitamin D levels this may increase their chances of getting autism. It may also make their current symptoms worse.  Vitamin C can also be helpful because it has magnesium and essential fatty acids. You should also consider giving your child vitamin A and vitamin B6.

Talk to your child's doctor and ask them about these vitamins. They can tell you what to give your child and how much of each vitamin they need.  They may be able to prescribe one vitamin that contains all the nutrients they need to make things much easier.

Your child's doctor can go over all this information with you so you can understand autism better. Contact a company like Spectrum Awakening for more information and assistance.