Don't Forget Your Protection: Why You Need Earplugs When You Surf

If you're a surfer, you know how important the proper gear is. There's no way you'd ever try to catch a wave with the wrong board or the wrong wax. You probably even try to make sure that the weather isn't wrong before you head out into the ocean in search of the perfect set. Unfortunately, you still might be doing something wrong — you might be forgetting to protect your ears. This is particularly true if you're heading into the ocean without your earplugs.

You might think that surfing without ear protection — or with minimal protection — won't throw you off your game, but that's not true. Surfing without earplugs could not only throw you off your game, but it could completely throw you out of the game. Here are just three of the reasons why you shouldn't hit the waves without proper earplugs for surfing.

Keeps the Water Out

If you're surfing without earplugs, you've got a lot of water getting into your ears. Wearing a surf hoodie is only going to keep some of the water out of your ears. It's not going to provide the total protection you need. As a result, you're going to end up with water in your ears. Unfortunately, once the water makes its way into your ear canals, it's going to take days to get out. Keep the water out of your ears by always wearing surfing earplugs whenever you're surfing.

Prevents Ear Infections

When you surf without proper ear protection, you're exposing yourself to some serious bacteria, especially if you're surfing in contaminated water. Once that bacteria gets into your ears, your risk of developing an ear infection increases dramatically. Unfortunately, ear infections can cut into your surf time. Not to mention the fact that ear infections can be downright painful. You can prevent surfing-related ear infections by wearing proper protection.

Protects Against Hearing Loss

If you don't use earplugs when you surf, you're risking hearing loss. One of the problems with exposing your ears to constant invasion by sea water is that eventually you may lose some or all of your hearing. That's because all that water can lead to something called exostosis, or surfers ear. Exostosis causes abnormal bone growth inside your ear, which shrinks the size of the ear canal. When that happens, the water gets stuck in your ears. You can protect against exostosis by wearing protective earplugs whenever you go surfing.