How to Tell If You're Becoming Addicted to Marijuana

Marijuana is now legal for medical and recreational consumption in many states, but that doesn't mean it's without danger. Many people have become addicted to this drug. If you feel like you're starting to rely on it too much, that may be your first warning sign. Here are some other signs that you're addicted to marijuana and what to do if you need help.

Daily Use

While some people take small doses of marijuana daily for pain, others take it every single day just because they can. This is one of the first signs of addiction to this substance. Unfortunately, it's often difficult for the people using marijuana recreationally on a daily basis to realize they have a problem. If you know someone who has had a substance problem, it's quite common to hear them proclaim that they can stop whenever they want to. If you can't get through your day without using marijuana, there's likely an addiction brewing.

Interrupting Daily Life

Getting high off marijuana should never get in the way of your real responsibilities. Whether you're missing a job, skipping out on social activities, or neglecting a loved one or family member in favor of staying home and getting stoned, these are serious signs that you're addicted to marijuana.

Needing Larger and Larger Doses

Marijuana use can build up your tolerance to using it. When most people go through this, they stick to the same amount they've always taken, or they take a break to reset their tolerance. However, the alternative option is to just keep taking bigger amounts of marijuana to get your fix. If it initially only took you one or two doses (inhaled tokes or quantity of edibles) and now you're increasing the number substantially to feel the same way, that's a strong sign of abuse. If you feel like you can't stop in order to reset your tolerance, you are likely addicted to marijuana.

Getting Help

There's no shame in talking to a doctor or addiction specialist if you think you have a problem. People get addicted to legal substances all the time, including alcohol and prescribed painkillers. Some people are even genetically inclined to addiction, while others can get hooked on marijuana without ever having been addicted to anything before.

Keep in mind that when you get help, you shouldn't expect judgement or criticism. Instead, your doctor will work with you to find out the root cause of your addiction and to slowly start weaning you off of marijuana. Depending on the severity of your addiction and whether it's complicated by other addictions, this could mean staying at a facility to isolate you from access to drugs while you get clean.

Just because marijuana is legal doesn't mean it's safe for everyone. If you think that you or a loved one has an addiction issue with marijuana and several of the above signs match their behavior, contact a specialist like Comfort Recovery LLC.